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Personal injuries are at the core of many of our specialized treatments at Grande Family Chiropractic: Nicholas Anthony Grande, DC. Whether you’ve sprained an ankle, torn some tendons in your arm, or bruised some muscles in an accident, we’re here to provide the professional treatment you deserve and get you back to full health as quickly as possible. Our goal is to exceed our patients’ expectations for exceptional care.

We know that personal injuries happen often and are unforeseen. And whether you are at fault or not, you need immediate attention from a trusted team of professionals. We’re here to help with a wide range of personal injury care.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Here at Grande Family Chiropractic: Nicholas Anthony Grande, DC, we deal with a wide range of soft tissue injuries, those involving damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons throughout the body. Most injuries occur from a sprain or strain, resulting in a contusion or overuse of a particular body part. Patients who have sustained soft tissue injuries experience symptoms of pain, swelling, bruising, and loss of function.

The onset of symptoms can start shortly after an accident occurs. Others may begin to experience pain or discomfort several days later. It’s not uncommon for soft tissue injuries to result in long-lasting disabilities. The sooner you contact us for proper treatment, the more likely you are to lessen your chances of permanent damage. Injuries can seem relatively minor at first but become worse later down the road when swelling and stiffness arise.

Common Soft Tissue Injuries:

  • Bruises
  • Sprains
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Stress Injuries
  • Strains

Our staff at Grande Family Chiropractic: Nicholas Anthony Grande, DC is highly trained and experienced in treating a wide range of soft tissue injuries. Our initial specialized treatments and therapy can lead to a full recovery, with the recovery time depending on the extent of the damage. Contact us today to learn about our soft tissue therapy process.


A concussion is known as a traumatic brain injury that affects your brain function, usually by a blow to the head or violent shaking of the head and upper body. While the effects of a concussion are often temporary, victims can suffer from various symptoms, including loss of memory, balance, and coordination.

Depending on the severity of the concussion, some individuals may lose consciousness; however, this seldom occurs. The leading causes of concussions are falls, auto accidents, or competition in contact sports.

If you or a family member have sustained a blow to the head and are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should contact us as soon as possible for a concussion consultation. Our team has years of experience diagnosing and treating concussion cases with outstanding success. The sooner you contact us for a diagnosis, the better your chances of recovery.

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