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Personal injuries do not have to hold you back from living your best life. The team at Grande Family Chiropractic: Nicholas Anthony Grande, DC is here to help you soothe your pain. Whether we are treating back pain, disc injuries, headaches, migraines, or scoliosis, we hope our services are beneficial.

Back Adjustments

We can provide the back adjustments needed to keep your spine aligned and healthy. Dr. Grande has many years of experience with back adjustments and can provide a gentle touch to all patients. Your spinal tissue connects to every other tissue in your body.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Chiropractors do more than "crack backs." They also use instruments and massages to break down scarred tissues. Grande Family Chiropractic: Nicholas Anthony Grande, DC's soft tissue treatment loosens up muscular knots and aids in alleviating painful areas of the body. It's a holistic solution that promotes healthy healing all around.

Concussion Treatment

Concussions don't only occur when one hits their head. They often happen when one jolts their neck. Because chiropractors treat the entire spine, our neck adjustments can help you retake control of your life after a concussion.

Back Pain Relief

Whether the pain is in your upper or lower back, our treatments and adjustments can help you return to a life with minimal discomfort and medication. It helped Dr. Grande and could indeed help you.

Car Accident Treatment

If a car accident has left you feeling discomfort, dizziness, or fatigue, you might benefit from chiropractic care. We can even address the pain you feel, even if it's months after your accident.

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