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Grande Family Chiropractic: Nicholas Anthony Grande, DC is proud to be a member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Our credentials give us the strength to better assist patients. Get the results you deserve when you work with Doctor Nicholas Grande.

Chiropractor Nicholas Grande, D.C.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Grande! My story began when I looked up at the shiny steps of a hospital stairwell. A young exercise physiologist in green scrubs looked up at me and said, "try to lift your right foot onto the step again." I tried, but another jolt of pain went up and down my leg and back. My leg would not rise. I straightened up in pain and started crying out of nowhere.

I'd felt a sense of defeat. I was unable to overcome the obstacles of pain. After feeling weak and spending three years collecting workers' compensation benefits, I felt utterly hopeless. Everyone else — including my wife and friends — seemed to thrive in their careers and lives. I, on the other hand, continued to feel non-stop pain and weakness for three years.

How Did This Lead Me To Chiropractic Care?

After my incident and time in physical therapy, I got a precise diagnosis for my condition. I got to have spinal surgery and more physical therapy. The surgery lifted the profound exhaustion I experienced for four years due to spinal pressure from the floating disk. Physical therapy reduced the stiffness. Most things were good, but the back and leg pain never went away. I turned to a chiropractor, named Dr. Raymond Hall, who reduced my pain by about 80 percent. It was a powerful and positive experience for me.

I Was Also A Chiropractic Patient

Dr. Hall's work inspired me. It'd never occurred to me, but I hit on the idea of becoming a chiropractor to help myself and others.

Dr. Hall was not the only chiropractor I'd ever seen. Four years before the stairwell incident, I saw a New York City-based chiropractor named Dr. Steven Schram for shoulder and upper spine pain. It was then that I'd learned that our nerves connect to our spines. Dr. Schram explained that spinal adjustments could reduce one's pain.

That was what helped me realize pain management doesn't always require surgery.

For Me, Being A Chiropractor Is A Philosophy Of Health

Chiropractic care isn't just something I do. It is how I see health. Spinal adjustments are powerful and, for some, a direct means of pain management. However, chiropractors can treat a wide range of health conditions. My job is to improve people's lives and increase people's physical abilities. The power that made the body heals the body.

I Preach The Idea Of A Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to chiropractic care, I believe all patients should adopt a healthier lifestyle. Whether that's training at the gym, trying a new fitness regimen, or eating better, food and fitness will have an even more significant impact on a person. I also firmly stand behind herbal supplements to help patients stress less and live more.

My Life When I'm Not Working

Outside of Grande Family Chiropractic: Nicholas Anthony Grande, DC, my wife, daughter, and I live for the life of soccer. My wife was a former manager, and our daughter is an ever-improving team player. Our family also loves to follow world soccer, especially Team USA Men's and Women's National Soccer Teams.

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